Our Vision    

"Inspired by our love of Christ, as a community of hope we reach out and spiritually nourish all."

Parish Values

Personal:  Every individual, whether conscious of it or not, holds a set of deep-down core values. You could also call these “principals”, “core beliefs” or “philosophies”. These deep-rooted beliefs guide our personal lives. They give direction and meaning to life in such a way that it enhances the growth of the total person. They come from our environment (parents, siblings, upbringings, schools) as well as our experiences throughout life. Sometimes a person might choose to cultivate particular values and thus move their life in a particular direction. People rarely share their personal values. However, we can often determine at least some of them by looking at a person's behaviour. To be in harmony with one's values is very positive whereas to be out of sync can be very stressful. Indeed, if two people who are close have very different values or values that conflict, this can lead to bitter disharmony.

Some personal values might be:


Working hard

Belief in God





Parish Values:  In a similar manner to individuals, every Parish organisation has a set of values. You could also call them “Core Beliefs” or “Cultural Norms”. They are often unspoken and come from the individuals who make up the organisation, particularly those in leadership positions. It is easiest to think of these organisational values as: “The way we do things around here”. If undefined, these values might change as the people change. This can lead to almost haphazard changes of direction in the Parish.

In a Parish, the leadership has the opportunity to define and live a set of values. Unlike the personal case, these ARE publicised and affirmed and it is important that the Parish abides by them or there WILL be conflict and disharmony. Conversely, to publish and live by your values creates trust, harmony and openness and typically will lead to a much faster attainment of the Vision.

After considerable discernment and discussion, the Pittwater Pastoral Council has put together the Vision, Mission and Values for the Parish and solicited input from the Parish as a whole before publishing them and integrating them into the life of Pittwater Parish.

"We welcome everyone to our supportive Parish community"

"We invite people from diverse walks of life to share their talents and gifts."

"We walk humbly with God to treat everyone with respect and dignity."

"We act with integrity in all areas of Parish life, being true to the very best that is in us."

"We commit ourselves to spiritual growth through Prayer, the Sacraments and Discipleship."

"We recognise and respond with compassion to those in need."

"We have hope in the Lord, and by trusting in the power of the Holy Spirit, we are inspired to reach out to others."

"We enthusiastically celebrate all aspects of Parish life."

Our Values  

 Belonging  Participation  Humility  Integrity
 Spiritual Growth
 Caring Hope Joy


Our Mission  

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