Testimonials of our RCIA

(Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults)


At Easter we complete our RCIA program that has been running from the previous September.  The Catechumens receive the Sacraments of Initiation and others are welcomed into full communion with our Church at the Easter Vigil Mass.

Here are some testimonials we wish to share with all of you:

“So I spoke to Father George – he had been expecting me! How did he know? … And so started my journey towards my welcoming into the Catholic Faith. I did, however, think I would reserve judgement along the way as there were a few contentious points I had regarding the ‘belief systems’ (!), but without it being a conscious decision that judgement dissipated due to the ease with which wisdom and enlightenment was being imparted each week by all the RCIA instructors.”

“I enjoyed every piece of it, from the simple fact that I met tremendous people (really, this group is so nice!) to the deepest knowledge of our faith you explained so nicely, so completely. My intimate relationship with God went from nothing, to an incredibly enjoyable daily need.” “It may take a while before I could understand and ‘master’ my faith as I would like to, but really you showed me the way, guided me, and exhorted me to go my own way. This is like raising your own child …”

Fr G, Erich and participant

“The RCIA sessions have been so informative, interesting and inspiring in a relaxed and warm environment. The instructors have guided us with such care, nurturing and understanding us and attending to our inquiries, bringing us along the journey towards our destination where we begin our new life. And now, thanks to them and thanks be to God, we are home! Amen”