The Interns Plan
     The Australian  Government has come up with a new plan for the young joblress to replace the unpopular " work for the dole" plan.  This new scheme, is called "PaTH (Prepare, Trial,  Hire) " hopes to facilitatte120,000 internships per year at a cost of  more than  $750,000 over 4 years.  Internees are paid $200 per fortnight ontop of existing welfare payments for 25 hours work while businesses receive $1,000 tto take tthem on and at the end of the interneeship $6,500 to $10,000 a year wage subsidy.
This plan is a vast improvement on "work for the dole as it caters for employer needs'.
In a recent National News item, Dr John Falzon CEO, expresses his views on the above PaTH plan.He says "The government's PaTH Budget measure begs two salient questions: What message are we giving young people if we tell them they are not even worthy of the minimum wage? And why would an employer hire a person on the award or minimum wage when they can get an intern for free?
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