CEO Sleepout Website

      Last week, Vinnies 2016 CEO Sleepout website was the centre of attention in this column. It shows information on the names and city locations of CEOs who have taken up the challenge of spending a cold winter's night sleeping rough. It also keeps and displays records of  donations they have raised for the homeless. So far this year, 875 CEOs have volunteered to take part in the event and they have already collected $292,000

      This website, www.ceosleepout.org.au, holds a competition among the CEOs by keeping track of how much each CEO has collected in donations, sorts the data and then shows pictures of the top fundraisers, Another competition has been arranged to see what city  makes most money. Total donations for each city are calculated and a column graph is used  to display the results. So far, Sydney has the lead.

      Amongst the interesting items on the website are dozens of pictures video clips of event activities that have taken place. Contact can be made using instagram, facebook, You Tube, and Twitter.

      Last year, generous donations provided approximately half a million bed nights, half million meals and assistance on a million occasions for the disadvantaged and homeless. So this year please give your  generous support to the CEO of your choice.