Vinnies Budget Response
   On the 13th of May this year the National Council of the St Vincent de Paul Society issued a Media Release entitled "Vinnies Budget Response: Tough but cruel",
    Dr John Falzon, National CEO, says in it " The government would like us to believe that this Budget is tough but fair but for the  people who struggle to make ends meet it can only be described as tough but cruel ". He then indicates that battlers among the young, the old, the disabled and the single mums cannot be helped into jobs by making them poor. There are even measures in the Budget that could force them into deeper poverty.
    Dr Falzon also says there is nothing humane in humiliating people because they are outside the labour market and nothing smart about making seeing a doctor unaffordable. He  even thinks  that following this treacherous path of austerity could lead to a social crisis.
      Mr Anthony Thornton, National President, added "We are saddened to see the government walking away from its responsibility to its people".  It has shied away from the challenge to build a broader revenue base so that everyone can have their  human rights such as a place to live, a place to work and a place to learn. He concludes saying "This Budget hurts the people that the government should be helping".