Online booking of Parish Facilities


Welcome to the Catholic Parish of Pittwater booking system. This system applies to Parish Meeting Rooms, the two Churches and other facilities.

What is bookable:

The currently bookable facilities are as follows:

  • Sacred Heart Church, Mona Vale **
  • Maria Regina Church, Avalon **
  • Parish Centre (Mona Vale)
  • Maria Regina Hall (restricted availablility)
  • Meeting Room, Sacred Heart Church

In the future, it is likely that other items such as a data projector will be added to the list.

Who can book?

Each Director of a Ministry (see the Ministries menu) can book the facilities. However, the Churches (marked with ** above) can only be booked by the Parish Secretary.


You are responsible for obtaining keys to the booked facility and also for ensuring it is left in the same or better condition when you finish with it. Note that the booking system DOES NOT automatically give you access or cause furniture to be arranged to your liking. That's for you to organise separately.

How does it work?

The booking system is set up as a "Calendar" along side the Parish Calendar which has the Parish Events for the year. Note that facility bookings will automatically be included in the calendar of events viewed in the left hand column of the front page of the Parish web site. So, for instance, if there is a booking for a funeral, that fact will be included in the Parish Calendar.

If you click on this link, you will see the monthly calendar which will then replace this document you are reading. This calendar only displays facility bookings and you will see a colour coded legend under the calendar for quick reference. If you hover the mouse above an item, you should see further details of the booking.

If you are a suitably authorised person (e.g Ministry Director or Clergy or Parish Staff), you can login at the bottom left hand side of this web page. This will allow you to enter new bookings, change bookings or delete bookings. Naturally, you should not delete someone else's booking without their permission.

Quick guide to entering a new booking:

Once you are logged in and the calendar is displayed on the screen, you will see a section underneath the calendar with some selection criteria for the display. This is where you can add a new booking. Click the link "Add an Event" which is just above there and coloured blue. Please fill in at least the following items:

  • Select the Calendar (Parish Facilities)
  • Type in the Subject (e.g Funeral of Jonathon Smith)
  • Select the Category (ie the facility you are booking). This must start with "Parish Facilities". (e.g. Parish Facilities -> Parish Centre (Mona Vale)
  • Fill in your name plus phone number and/or email address in the "Contact" area.
  • If you REALLY want the booking to be private (which could create confusion because people will think there is no booking), then select "Registered" for the Access Level near the top right.
  • Now select the start and end dates and start and end times. In general, you will not have events spanning several days but it is possible and the facility is there to do this as well as to define recurring (weekly, monthly, first Friday....)
  • When finished, remember to click "Save" near the top right of the form.

Editing a booking:

If you click on an existing booking, as long as you are logged in, you will see a quite small "edit" icon near the top right of the entry. Click it and you will enter the same form that is used to create a booking but items will already be filled in. Then simply correct what needs changing and click "Save" or "Cancel" when finished.

If you want to book a Church, click here to contact the Parish Secretary .

Any questions, comments or clarifications, contact the Administrator by clicking here.