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Saint Anthony of Padua

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Title:      Saint Anthony of Padua
Categories:      Saints
BookID:      6573
Authors:      Fr Raymond de Thomas de Saint-Laurent
ISBN-10(13):      --
Publisher:      Australia Needs Fatima
Publication date:      2015
Edition:      First
Number of pages:      0
Owner Name:      Librarian
Owner Email:      t_newman@bigpond.net.au
Language:      English
Price:      0.00
Rating:      4 
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Saint Anthony of Padua

by Father Raymond Thomas de Saint-Laurent

We learn by the Saint's example to seek in the faithful practice of prayer the ordinary path leading to divine love.  By his intercession, we obtain graces of both a spiritual and temporal order.  In our troubled times, how many need his help!


Book owner:      Trish


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