The Redfern Task Force

The Redfern Task Force
There is an enlightening article in a recent Vinnies' One Voice magazine concerning Vinnies' charitable activities among the most vulnerable people in some inner city suburbs of Sydney , mainly Redfern. Demand for help was so great that a Task Force of young volunteers, mostly university students and recent graduates, was set up to carry out home visitations, reminiscent of the first Vinnies' Conference.
In 2012-2013, the Redfern Task Force made 2843 visits assisting over 3,400 people providing
  • hundreds of household items
  • over $100,000 worth of food cards
  • $20,000 worth of energy vouchers
  • 300 Christmas hampers.
"Those who need most support are
people with mental health issues, drug addictions,refugees, the elderly and single parent families livingin boarding houses,” says Siva Markandu, long time member of the Task Force.
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A New kind of Poverty

A New kind of Poverty
         We are all aware of the old type of poverty which results from family breakdown, unemployment; disability, chronic ill health and so on. However, there seems to be a new type of poverty evident in a recent Vinnies' study which took place in the ACT and Goulburn district. The new poor often have a low paying job but are finding wages cannot match the increasing cost of living, in particular the cost of housing. They.are now calling for help from Vinnies for the first time and usually for a short time.
        This report of this study urges State,Territorial and Federal governments to recognise that adequate housing is a human right and calls on these governments to provide sufficient public accommodation so that every family has a suitable place to live, especially those who cannot afford the high private rentals or mortgage payments that prevail..
   The report also lists some of the special works of  the St Vincent de Paul Society to assist the economic poor such as :
  • Family Services providing crisis accommodation
  • Blue Door a drop-in centre providing meals and support.
  • Help for rough sleepers.
  • Young [ homeless ] Parents' Program.
     Also a significant part of the report consists of 23 sad examples of families and individuals experiencing housing stress in Canberra Goulburn and how Vinnies was there to ameliorate their waiting and suffering.
For more visit www.vinnies.org.au