National Volunteer Week 2014

National Volunteer Week 2014
     National Volunteer Week is finishes this Sunday. The St Vincent de Paul Society has joined thousands of organisations around the nation to celebrate the 25th anniversary of this event, campaign, theme this year being Celebrate the power of volunteering.
     In Western Australia, Vinnies' Migrant and Refugee Committee joined with the WA Office of Multicultural Interests to host a morning tea in King's Park, Perth  This event was designed to thank twenty five Vinnies' volunteers who help refugees with social and sporting events and emergency relief (see the picture on Vinnies' website under National News). 
     Similar events were held across Australia recognising the 60,000 Vinnies' Conference members and  Vinnies' Volunteers who give their time and charity to assist almost two million needy Australians during the year.
     There are a wide variety of Vinnies' volunteering opportunities.depending on what’s available in your location. In NSW there are volunteering opportunities in
  • Vinnies' shops and warehouses
  • Helping others such as the homeless, migrants etc.
  • Office support, special work
  • Youth programs - join a group of young adults (16-35) to discuss social justice issues.
For more, visit  www.vinnies.orrg.au and click on the link Get Involved

Responses to the Audit Report

Responses to the Audit Report
Our National Council lost no time in responding to the Audit Commission's recent Pre-Budget report. This response came in a Media Statement entitled " Audit Report a Recipe for Inequality ".
 Dr John Falzon, National CEO, said:
"We stand in solidarity with the people who carry the greatestburden of inequality. ..This is not the time for government to walk away
from its responsibility to make sure
that people enjoy the right to the essentials of life such ashealth, affordable housing, education and jobs. In this respect governments must do what marketscannot.
    Mr Anthony Thornton, President
added: "It is inequality that we must reduce,
not socialexpenditure. Many of the recommendations of this report are a recipe for rising inequality. That isnot the kind of Australia that people of good will would be hoping for.
ACOSS CEO,  Dr Cassandra Goldie expressed similar concerns In a more detailed Media Release entitled "Äudit fails the fairness test: ACOSS". Her response began "the biggest failure is that this Commission never got to look at the real problem which is public revenue ".
For more, visit www.acoss.org.au