Vinnies Shops

Vinnies Shops
The St Vincent de Paul Society needs money to carry out its good works and profits from Vinnies shopsare used to fund their services and programs. As advertising these op-shops on the net is helping to bring in customers and donationsVinnies has recently built a new website : www.visitvinnies.org.au in order to display the goods they are selling, sales promotions and information for donors and customers. The main site menu contains the following items which on clicking takes you to an interesting, informative page:
  • Vinnies which mentions the types of items traded and some of the services provided by Vinnies.
  • Style Tips which describes op-shop style in a nut-shell.
  • Photoshoot which shows how the photo shoot inspired  by Vinnies fashion unfolds.
  • Media contains pictures and videos from newspapers and TV.
  • Donating Goods tells you what is wanted and how to make donations.
  • Gallerywhich reveals Vinnies Treasure Chest Gallery - pictures of interesting  items purchased cheaply.at Vinnies Shops.
P.S..An article in  a recent edition of the Manly Daily said Brookvale Vinnies was wanting donations of white goods in good condition. Details 9905 0424

Welcoming the Refugees

Welcoming the Refugees
Australia is truly the lucky country. Peace prevails and democracy rules. In some other countries civil war is taking place, while in others people in minority groups can find themselves persecuted and experience car bombs exploding in the streets. No wonder people want to escape from such turmoil to protect themselves and their families. However only a  small proportion of those who migrate out of their home country prefer to come to Australia to seek sanctuary. Most just make their way to overcrowded refugee camps in neighbouring countries.
In a recent Vinnies' Media Release, entitled "We are not at war with asylum seekers", Dr John Falzon, National CEO, called on Minister Scot Morrison to take a more rational approach to Australia's processing applications of asylum seekers.for refugee status. National President, Mr Anthony Thorn, added: “We are shocked and ashamed by our nation’s inhumanity to these people, who have every right to seek asylum under the UN Refugee Convention to which Australia is a signatory.
For many years Vinnies has helped migrants and refugees settle comfortably in Australia by means of home visitations, food gifts, financial.aid and homework centres.as well as by advocating to the existing government on their behalf. You too can welcome the newcomers by greeting them on arrival, by making charitable donations to Vinnies, or in some other way. For more information visit www.vinnies.org.au

The Homeless

The Homeless
On most nights of the year there are over 100,000 people homeless in Australia. Many of these people are sleeping rough, at the mercy of inclement weather and night prowlers. In aVinnies' Media Release concerning Hidden Homelessness ( August 5, 2013), our National CEO, Dr. John Falzon, said:“Too often the people experiencing homelessness in prosperous Australia are blamed for their homelessness. This is deeply unjust, especially when we consider that the factors contributing to homelessness include poor health, housing stress and the need to escape domestic violence,”  He added “Safe, affordable housing is a human right for all, not a privilege for some.”
To help the homeless, Vinnies provides services such as accommodation, meals and person-centred.care. An article in a recent edition the Catholic Weekly, entitled "Early intervention to break the cycle of homelessness", describes new proactive approaches to help the homeless and those at risk of homelessness. Metro South WestBrokerage provides case management of people over 18 who are suffering housing stress. In addition, this brokerage has formed strong partnerships with key services such as Housing NSW, Community Housing and real estate agents in order to assist needy clients find or keep a roof over their heads..
In order to carry out good works for the homeless, Vinnies hosts a range of fundraising activities,such as the Vinnies CEO Sleepout, Vinnies Community Sleepouts and Vinnies School Sleepouts. Anyone wishing to get involved should visit www.vinnies.org.au.