Cambodia Trip Nov/Dec 2007


Cambodian village where we workedIn 2007 a group of 20 people from the Pittwater Parish and Mater Maria Catholic College travelled to Cambodia to build houses for the poorest of the poor. It was an amazing experience that powerfully linked the Parish and high school. Together the school and Parish community raised over $30,000 - enough to build 18 houses and change the lives of 18 families in the process. This was an incredible achievement and the generosity and support from the community was inspiring!


The trip was in conjunction with the Tabitha Foundation – a charity well established in Cambodia.(click the link for more information) www.tabithafoundationaustralia.com

Tabitha really does change lives! The experience we had was life changing, and the 18 families who received new homes, their lives will never be the same.

We are going on another house building trip in 2009!

Initial dates are 19th - 28th Nov.

If you would like more info about the work of Tabitha, click on the above link. If you are interested in coming on our next trip or if you would like to pledge a house, contact Simon Hyland. (see 'contact youth minister' on home page)

Thoughts and experiences from the 2007 trip:

What was the best thing about the building trip?

seeing the looks on the people's faces, such happiness!” (Casey Beuzeville)

we have been given so much our whole lives, the best thing about the trip is being able to give something back” (Hannah Gore)

the reaction when they saw their new house – one guy came up and gave me the biggest hug and wouldn't let go!” (Jay Tarrant-Platt)

What was the hardest thing?

the 'hard' wood and the heat!” (Jessica Brigestock)

the poverty, seeing how poor the people are” (Bernie Gore)

my arm was pretty sore the second building day! But I was definitely ready to get back into it” (Hannah Gore)

How have you changed?

I have a lot more appreciation for the things I have” (Jay Tarrant-Platt)

I hope I can be a lot more patient” (Bernie Gore)

It's given me a broader perspective on what's important in life” (Hannah Gore)


There was one point when I was building, and one of the locals wanted to hold the nail for me while I hammered. I said 'Mate, you really don't want to do that!' But he insisted on helping me. Luckily I didn't miss and the nail went in. It was amazing” (Adam Ahern)

Simplicity of life was something I really noticed in the villages. It inspired me to aim for that simplicity in the hustle and bustle of everyday life in Australia, especially when I am feeling overwhelmed by it all” (Dan Serratore)

The people were so happy, so relaxed, so peaceful – despite their poverty. It's something I really admire” (Bec Williamson)

This building trip has given me a sort of wisdom, in a way, about the Cambodian culture and of how these people live. At the same time I realize how ignorant I was and how much I still have to learn. This trip has really motivated me to be open to that learning” (Jack Marshall)