IT in Pittwater Parish

The IT Ministry in Pittwater Parish commenced at the start of 2008.

Goals: The main goals of IT are:

  • To enhance communication within the Parish.
  • To let non-members of the Parish know who we (the Parish) are and what we do.
  • To provide tools for Parish staff and volunteers which will enhance their work.
  • To save the Parish money through innovative use of technology and resources.

Strategy: The strategy is to embrace the use of Open Technologies wherever possible. (This means that we will use technological solutions which are “Open” in the sense of being in the Public Domain and not tied in a proprietary way to particular suppliers).

Scope: The scope of IT activities is broad and encompasses the following:

  • Computer systems (hardware and software) for staff.
  • The Parish Web Site.
  • The Parish Telephone system.
  • Projection and computer systems for each Church.