A need in our Parish.


In the Diocesan plan for the Lay Ministry there was an invitation from Bishop David Walker "Going Forward Together".

This is a call to you to go forward; you might not be aware but the Pittwater Parish has an ever growing population of sick and house bound parishioners- those who can’t get to Mass or the Sacraments. Age is no barrier some are young others may be physically impaired but a large proportion of these are elderly with no means of transport and even less contact with their Religion. Some of these people have worshipped faithfully in our churches for years and are now virtually cut off. Fr George in the short time he has been here has seen the need that these people should have some contact with their Parish. After all, all of us  are the Parish.

What we need is one to two hours of your time once a month to go on a roster to visit these people and take Communion either in their Homes or Village unit or Nursing Home

The more we get the lighter the load; if you haven’t got a car licence or transport we can oblige and place you with someone who does. If you need to be trained in giving communion to the sick this also can be arranged.


If in the past you may have been a Eucharistic Minister and would like to come back. That would be great and if you need a refresher that can also be arranged.

This is an important Ministry I can’t stress that enough- age is no barrier we need young people, retired people- anyone with time on their hands. If you feel this is not your calling we also need help to distribute Communion at Masses. There are a few vacancies on those rosters or perhaps you might like to be a driver for those without a car.

We here in Pittwater are privileged to have daily and weekly Mass and Parish social events to meet and greet parishioners. Others are not so lucky. This venture will only be a success if the Pittwater Parish unites and we put our enthusiasm behind it. One day it might be you who is in need of visitation.

We would like to have this roster up and running by early New Year.

This is a wonderful ministry and it can be so rewarding. Please help. We need you to put your name on a roster; the sick and the needy are depending on you and lastly you’re Parish Needs You!

Let us go forward together.

Please fill in the online form. Once you complete this and press Submit, it will automatically be sent and we will reply to you as soon as possible.

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